Afghan Proverbs (Da Mashar Khabare)

Angoor Trush Di

Grapes are sour.  Image


Based on the story of a fox, who tried again and again to catch the grapes on a tree, yet fails. After giving up he walks away with his nose in the air saying “I am sure they are sour”.

Moral: It is easy to despise what you cannot achieve.

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Da Mashar Khabare



“Nadara parwadai cha wazalai”

“None has killed a bankrupt till now”

By nature Pakhtoons are very caring; always helping in need, promise keeping and ever ready to return blow for blow. These qualities simply flow in their blood. 

Coming to proverb’s side, which I always listened during particular issues and incidents from my Grand Mom, is probably a very old and rare Pakhto/Pashto proverb, it defines a Pakhtoon’s attitude towards his debtor. 

This particular proverb is used in situation when you give loan or borrow something, and the debtor or creditor has gone bankrupt or isn’t able to give back, “You simply don’t kill him”, for us either we have to wait or forgive the person and leave everything to Allah, that has been the only two ways in this culture.

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